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Pricing for Safety: What Can You Afford?

Can you meet new safety requirements without raising your prices? Will your business be profitable and sustainable after reopening? From increased product costs to decreased capacity, every aspect of our salon businesses has been impacted. When everything has changed, these questions can’t be answered until we do the math for ourselves. Published June 29, 2020.

Race & Inclusivity in Beauty & Beyond

If talking about racism makes us feel uncomfortable, it’s because we have been too comfortable with injustice. The time to take a stand for racial equality is long overdue. We must seek to understand, listen, and do more. Our guests Shauna and Angel of DINKS Podcast speak from their experiences as Black women, sharing their thoughts and feelings in a revealing conversation about representation, accountability, and political action. Published June 22, 2020.

Government Affairs: Protecting Beauty Pros

Who speaks for beauty pros? How do we ensure the government understands our needs? Do we have to file a lawsuit to protect our industry and make any progress? In our insightful discussion with Myra Reddy of the Professional Beauty Association, she explains how a collaborative approach to the legislative process gives voice to members, promotes their best interests, and influences policies and regulations at the state and federal levels. Published June 15, 2020.

Clean Hands, Safe Salons (Part 3)

Is blow drying safe? Do partitions and UV sterilizers actually work? In the absence of federal guidance, every state has taken its own path to reopening salons. Our new extended interview with Leslie Roste, BSN, RN, the Director of Education for Barbicide, covers the most controversial issues in Part 3 of our series. Published June 8, 2020.

Re-Open to Interpretation: Guidelines or Suggestions?

How should beauty pros interpret industry guidelines when it’s not clear what’s recommended and what's actually required? Guidelines were meant to make the process of reopening our businesses as safe as possible, but instead, they’ve often been confusing. Published June 1, 2020.

Salon Reopening Guidelines: What's Next

What will be required when salons open? Who makes those decisions? We talk about why state boards haven’t done more, how individual beauty professionals will respond, and what we expect will happen next. Published May 25, 2020.

Affordable Legal Advice for Beauty Pros (Finally!)

Guest Amy Toepper, the Founder and CEO of Legal In A Box, will explain how expert advice can be accessible and affordable. Published May 18, 2020.

Exclusions Apply: What Your Liability Insurance Won't Cover (Part 2)

Part 2 of our conversation about professional liability insurance with Tracy Donley, the Executive Director of Associated Skin Care Professionals. Published May 11, 2020.

Exclusions Apply: What Your Liability Insurance Won’t Cover (Part 1)

Our guest Tracy Donley, the Executive Director of Associated Skin Care Professionals, has all of the answers on insurance in this 2 part episode. Published May 4, 2020.

Industry in Crisis: Is Organizing a Union the Answer?

Our guest Luis Gomez of Workers United NY/NJ describes efforts to improve conditions for the most vulnerable workers in the beauty industry. Published April 27, 2020.

Petitions, Partitions, & PPE

How much damage will we do to our industry as a result of impatience, questionable decisions, and non-compliance? Published April 20, 2020.

Communicating with Clients & Landlords

We offer our take on how to communicate with clients (including those requesting services!) and landlords expecting rent when we’re not allowed to work. Published April 13, 2020.

Clean Hands, Safe Salons (Part 2)

We continue our conversation with infection control expert Leslie Roste, BSN, RN. As Director of Education for BlueCo Brands, Leslie previews Barbicide’s new back-to-work plan with specific recommendations for preparing our salons. Published April 6, 2020.

No One Called for Yelp

We react to the news that Yelp, in partnership with GoFundMe, created fundraising campaigns as “COVID-19 Small Business Relief” on behalf of businesses without prior consent. Published March 30, 2020.

Clean Hands, Safe Salons (Part 1)

With a renewed focus on infection control in the beauty industry, we welcome Leslie Roste, RN, BSN, our first-ever guest. Leslie gives practical advice and her expert opinions on a range of topics. Published March 23, 2020.

Coping with Coronavirus

As we face disruption in our beauty businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic, we suggest ways to be productive even when we cannot provide services directly to clients. Published March 16, 2020.

Live From New York

What should have been an exciting show weekend in New York City was upended when the organizers cancelled due to the coronavirus. What happens next? We answer your questions about exchanging follows on Instagram and including prices in your brochure. Published March 9, 2020.

Deregulation - What's the Big Deal?

Licensing deregulation is a real threat to the professional beauty industry. Why is it happening and what recourse do you have to stop it? Published February 29, 2020.

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