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Who Knew Gift Cards Were So Complicated?

Selling gift cards or certificates during this holiday season? What happens to outstanding gift cards if your business closes? What you don’t know about the restrictions on expiration dates and the disclosure requirements may surprise you. In our discussion with attorney Amy Toepper of Legal In A Box, we discover the important legal considerations, and potential liabilities, for business owners. Originally published Dec 7, 2020.

Client Gifts: To Give or Not To Give?

Exchanging gifts with clients for the holidays? Is it better to give, receive, or neither? Should beauty pros spend money on client gifts, or can we find a better way to express our appreciation? We discuss the challenges of client gifting in salons just in time to do something about it.Published Nov 8, 2021

holiday survival tips graphic

Holiday Survival Tips

How do you cope during the holiday season as a beauty pro? The increased demands on us can be stressful as we try to accommodate all of our clients and the requests from new ones. To prepare in advance, we offer tips to manage client expectations, control our schedules, and minimize the disruptions to our lives. Published Nov 1, 2021

premiere orlando beauty show

Recapping Premiere Orlando

Did Premiere Orlando bring the beauty community together as promised? From our perspective as independent educators, this year’s show did not disappoint. We discuss our favorite moments from the busy weekend and what gives us hope for next year’s in-person events. Published Oct 25, 2021

SB803 Signed: What It Really Means

ithout SB 803, there would be no state board, no licenses and no regulation of beauty in California. Now that SB 803 has been signed, we’re relieved and excited. After spending months tracking, discussing and advocating for the continued regulation of beauty pros, we review what’s in the final version of the bill and how it may be implemented once it goes into effect on January 1, 2022. Published Oct 18, 2021

Tipping Point: Should Salons Eliminate Tips?​

Tipping is an ingrained practice in the beauty industry, but should we expect tips and do we really need them? Why does tipping have to be so awkward and complicated? We discuss the role of tips in our industry, the troubling history of the practice, and whether we should rely on tips to earn a living as a licensed beauty professional. Published Oct 11, 2021

More Social Content in Less Time

What’s your process for creating and posting social content? Overwhelmed by all the options available? A brand new service specifically for beauty pros, Social Content Club streamlines the content creation process by delivering fully customizable Canva templates into your inbox that inspire your creativity and save you time. Published Oct 4, 2021

Our Best Lessons For Beauty Students

What career advice would have helped you while attending beauty school? How does that differ from what you do as a licensed working professional? We’re offering our best advice for future pros, and reminding ourselves to follow it now as we pursue our individual paths in the beauty industry. Published Sep 27, 2021

Why "Charge Your Worth" Isn't Good Advice

How useful is the advice to “charge your worth?” What purpose does it serve for beauty pros pricing their services, or for employees negotiating compensation with a salon owner? We tackle this tired suggestion for how it appeals to our emotions and sense of importance, rather than gives direction on how to use actual numbers to calculate the value of our work. Published Sep 20, 2021

SB803 A Signature Away

A cosmetology license at only 1000 hours? No more practical exam? Is pending legislation in California a disaster waiting to happen, or our best chance to rebuild the beauty industry? We’re just one step away from California’s SB 803 becoming law and laying the groundwork for reregulation across the country. Published Sep 13, 2021

There's Always Money in the Inbox

What’s the most convenient and efficient way to reach existing clients and recruit new ones? Email, of course! This reliable technology offers infinite possibilities for creative marketing. We explore the benefits of using email in our beauty businesses. Published Sep 6, 2021

Help Wanted

Looking for someone to work in your beauty business? What are you offering, employment or a space to rent? The number of salon owners advertising for beauty pros has exploded, making us wonder if there’s really a shortage of pros or just a lot of vacant space. We highlight what’s missing from most help wanted ads that keeps salons from connecting with their ideal candidates. Published Aug 30, 2021

5 Must-Do Things at a Beauty Show (Besides Shop)

What do you enjoy most about attending beauty shows? Whether large or small, these industry-wide events offer much more than the opportunity to buy products. As we prepare to teach classes at Premiere Orlando, the largest show in the country, we discuss our favorite things to do when beauty pros and brands come together besides shopping. Published Aug 23, 2021

Premiere Orlando Preview

What can beauty pros expect from this year’s Premiere Orlando? The largest show in the country has been planned for October, and we could not be more excited! Besides teaching our own individual classes as independent educators, we’ll be presenting Outgrowth classes together for the first time. We preview all of our classes and how we plan to spend our show weekend. Published Aug 16, 2021

The Latest on SB803

What’s happening with the most controversial bill in the beauty industry? An earlier version of California’s SB 803 threatened deregulation of haircutting and styling, a significant reduction in course hours, and the elimination of the practical exam. The latest version now proposes a hair-only license at 600 hours. We discuss the exciting developments before the next step in the legislative process. Published Aug 9, 2021

Business Basics: Licensed & Permitted

What licenses do you need to launch your beauty business? What difference does your location make? Where can you find the requirements and applications? Before collecting your first dollar, you’ll want to obtain the proper licensing, permits, and certificates that authorize you to do business. We include resources for completing this basic, but important, process. Published Aug 2, 2021.

Going Solo with Jennie Wolff of Sola Salon Studios

Looking for more control of your salon environment? Want to focus more attention on serving your clients? Renting a salon suite has become an attractive business opportunity for many beauty pros in different stages of their careers. Our guest Jennie Wolff of Sola Salon Studios describes what makes suite owners successful and how they experience community despite working alone. Published July 26, 2021.

The Shocking Truth About Wage Theft - Part 2

How can you avoid being misclassified or having your wages stolen? What actions should you take if you find yourself in this situation? When legislators recognize the prevalence of wage theft in the beauty industry, we can expect harsher penalties for unethical salon owners. In Part 2, we describe the warning signs to look for and offer recommendations and resources to remedy illegal employment practices. Published July 19, 2021.

The Shocking Truth About Wage Theft - Part 1

Are you classified as an independent contractor, but controlled like an employee? Does your salon owner give you a 1099? Are you paid commission-only? If you answered yes, this episode is a must listen. Wage theft and other illegal employment practices have become so common in the beauty industry because beauty pros don’t know their rights. We review different forms of wage theft in part 1 of this important and timely discussion. Published July 12, 2021.

What Happened in Vegas?

Ready to attend a trade show? The first major beauty show since the pandemic gives us hope, but makes us realize how far we have to go. We review the experience at IBS Las Vegas, including a strange encounter with breast implants. Published July 5, 2021.

Impractical Exam

What purpose does a practical exam serve in proving our readiness for working in the beauty industry? Is this a necessary requirement to protect consumers, or just another barrier to entry that should be eliminated? We consider the value and validity of a live demonstration of our skills in light of the recent proposal to eliminate practical exams in California. Published June 28, 2021.

Bringing Normal Back

As the summer heats up, we’re trying to bring back normal routines to our salons and work, but with new perspective on what matters most. How do we reconcile our need for self-care with our changing priorities as beauty pros? Adopting new routines gives us hope for a summer season filled with family, friends and clients. Published June 21, 2021.

Instagram Shifts to Make Today

Don’t blame the algorithm! Shift your strategy to capitalize on how Instagram prioritizes content now, not what worked years ago. Ashley and Jaime highlight three outdated practices holding you back from achieving your Instagram goals. Published June 14, 2021.

No Vaccine, No Service?

In what ways does HIPAA apply to the beauty industry? Can we refuse to provide services or terminate employment based on vaccine status? What rights do we have and what accommodations or exceptions, if any, should we be prepared to make? While COVID vaccinations bring more normalcy to our daily lives, they complicate our relationships with clients and coworkers. Attorney Amy Toepper returns to address the numerous legal issues around vaccinations in the workplace. Published June 7, 2021.

Taking Sides on SB803

What’s your position on deregulating haircutting, support or oppose? Before forming an opinion about a bill, shouldn’t you have all the facts? We challenge the misinformation about California’s SB 803 and question the interests of individuals, businesses, and organizations as they take sides on the most important bill in the country. Published May 31, 2021.

Consider the Source

As beauty pros, we’re exposed to lots of content directed at our industry, but how do we distinguish good information from bad? Who and what can we trust as credible? We encourage beauty pros to ask questions and consider the source before sharing or acting on what they read, view or hear. Published May 24, 2021.

The Most Important Bill in the Beauty Industry

We discuss the most drastic changes proposed in California’s SB 803, currently the most important beauty bill in the country. Highlights: • The source of the bill and its chances of becoming law. • Proposed changes to licensed hair services. • Reduction of hours and elimination of the practical examination.. Published May 17, 2021.

Business Basics: Get In Formation

What’s better for your business: being a sole proprietor, or filing as an LLC? When forming your business, the choice of structure will depend on multiple factors, including what’s legal in your state. We review the basic entities and suggest resources to research before engaging a professional to finalize this important decision. Published May 10, 2021.

Salon Prime? What Amazon Salon Means for Pro Beauty

The launch of Amazon Salon has our industry buzzing, but how concerned should we really be? Will our clients respond positively to an experience focused more on products and technology than the connection and expertise of service providers? What does this mean for salon compensation and labor issues? In this special episode, we’re joined by some of our Outgrowth Insiders members to discuss the possible impacts of this new development. Published May 3, 2021.

Clean Hands, Safe Salons (Part 5)

After a year of masking, distancing, and extra cleaning, what comes next? How do we handle the transition from pandemic to normalcy in our salons while managing client expectations in the process? As vaccinations rapidly increase, will the restrictions affecting beauty pros decrease as quickly? We explore what the next six months in pro beauty will look like. Published April 26, 2021.

Business Basics: Making the Brand

A great brand communicates far more than just your business name. How can you make branding decisions now that will serve your ultimate vision? Beyond just choosing a logo and brand colors, this episode covers developing a visual identity that attracts clients and contributes to your success. Published April 19, 2021.

Reunited & It Feels So Weird?

Beauty shows bring the industry together, but after a year without them, are we ready to be reunited? What should we expect and how will our experiences differ from past events? We’re making plans to participate and educate, even when doing so may seem strange at first. Published April 12, 2021.

What's the Deal with Workers' Comp?

While the risk of getting injured or sick at work may seem minimal, the consequences can be financially devastating if your salon doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance. Even without any claims, your business can be penalized and fined for not having coverage. From the legal requirements to the process of filing a claim, our guest Craig Shapiro of Cerity explains the value of this protection for employees and business owners. Published April 5, 2021.

Business Basics: What's In a Name?

The process for choosing the perfect business name requires time and research, and shouldn’t be rushed. For better or worse, your business name represents your identity as a beauty brand. You’ll not only need to determine what’s available, but what is most suitable to position yourself within the industry, all while avoiding potentially costly mistakes. We discuss the process every beauty pro should follow to create the best business name possible. Published Mar 29, 2021.

Revisited: Pricing For Safety - What Can You Afford?

In this best-of episode from the first year of Outgrowth, Ashley's pick is all about service pricing and the unique challenges a post-Covid landscape may bring. Originally aired June 29, 2020. Can you meet new safety requirements without raising your prices? Will your business be profitable and sustainable after reopening? From increased product costs to decreased capacity, every aspect of our salon businesses has been impacted. When everything has changed, these questions can’t be answered until we do the math for ourselves. Published Mar 22, 2021.

Revisited: Exclusions Apply - What Your Liability Insurance Won't Cover (Part 1)

In this best-of episode from the first year of Outgrowth, Jaime chooses this important episode about the intricacies of salon liability insurance. Originally aired May 4, 2020. Are you covered for transmitting a communicable disease, causing a client injury, serving alcohol or tinting lashes? In trying to protect our salon businesses, we need to know more than just a thing or two about insurance, like what’s covered and what’s not. Our guest Tracy Donley, the Executive Director of Associated Skin Care Professionals, has the answers in this 2 part episode. Published Mar 15, 2021.

Revisited: Salon Policies - No Show? No Problem!

In this best-of episode from the first year of Outgrowth, Ashley revisits our discussion about salon policies in the time of Covid-19 and beyond. Originally aired July 20, 2020. How do you handle no shows, late cancellations, and other undesirable behaviors? Confront your fears and insecurity, not your clients, before problems arise. Salon policies cannot protect your businesses without careful planning, clear communication, and consistent enforcement. Published Mar 8, 2021.

Revisited: Beauty Has No Gender

In this best-of episode from the first year of Outgrowth, Jaime revisits our conversation with Kristin Rankin of The Dresscode Project. Originally aired August 31, 2020. Does your salon still charge different prices based on gender? What does your salon culture communicate about your values? As we examine traditions of the past, salon owners take the necessary steps to be more welcoming, inclusive, and accessible for clients of all gender identities. Our guest Kristin Rankin shares the mission of The Dresscode Project to promote gender-affirming salons. Published Mar 1, 2021.

A Year of Outgrowth

We’ve reached the milestone of our first year anniversary producing Outgrowth podcast. Along the way, we’ve experienced memorable moments and growing pains. Through it all, we’re committed to our mission and have plans for improving the listener experience when we return from our short break. Published Feb 22, 2021.

Legislative Intent: New Bills, Old Reasons

When hundreds of new bills get introduced in every state, staying informed may seem difficult, but we’re determined to make it easier. Kati Rapoza of the Professional Beauty Association updates us on legislation targeting the beauty industry. Published Feb 15, 2021.

Straight From The Source: The FDA

Who’s responsible for the safety of beauty products? How are we protected from problematic ingredients? What should we know before making and selling our own products? Dr. Linda Katz, Director of the FDA’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors, reviews the topics that most impact salon professionals and our clients. Published Feb 8, 2021.

Processing Payroll: Doing It Right (Part 2)

Working alone is simple. Having other beauty pros work for you is complicated by employment and tax laws. What records must be kept and how long? How do tips get reported? What's required for final paychecks? We tackle the complexities of paying employees with Vicki Lambert, The Payroll Advisor, in the second of a 2-part episode. Published Feb 1, 2021.

Processing Payroll: Doing It Right (Part 1)

Working alone is simple. Having other beauty pros work for you is complicated by employment and tax laws. How do you avoid misclassification? What steps should be taken before hiring? We tackle the complexities of paying employees with Vicki Lambert, The Payroll Advisor, in the first of a 2-part episode. Published Jan 25, 2021.

What A Waste: Your Salon Can Recycle Everything

While the beauty industry contributes to an incredible amount of waste, efforts to be eco-friendly have been limited by our knowledge of what’s possible. What if everything can be recycled? Innovative and convenient solutions from TerraCycle give salon owners and beauty pros the resources to reject the choice between protecting the environment or protecting clients. Published Jan 18, 2021.

Claim to Shame: MLMs, Scams, & Misleading Ads

Where’s the line between marketing and fraud? As professionals, we’re expected to make informed recommendations to clients - so how can we separate facts from fiction? When business opportunities or product results sound too good to be true, that’s a red flag. We learn from Bonnie Patten, Executive Director of Truth In Advertising, exactly how to recognize fraudulent income and health claims.Published Jan 11, 2021.

New Year, Same Boat?

The year 2020 may be behind us, but our circumstances as beauty professionals have not changed, nor will they improve immediately. We consider the year ahead in terms of financial and personal health, salon operations, and professional growth.. Published Jan 4, 2021.

podcast year in review 2020 2021

Ending 2020 on a High Note

Surviving 2020 wasn’t easy, so give yourself credit for what you accomplished. In this special year-end episode, we reflect on what we gained throughout this unusual experience and share insights from loyal Outgrowth listeners. Published Dec 28, 2020.

In Case You Missed It

The beauty industry’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has revealed significant gaps in knowledge and questionable business practices. Providing fact-based information directly from the source, Outgrowth tackled the most frequently asked questions and topics that deserved more attention. In case you missed it, we revisit the most controversial topics Outgrowth covered during this most unusual year. Published Dec 21, 2020.

Universal Licensing: Closer Than We Think?

Considering a move to another state? Wish you had a professional license that would be accepted in all fifty states? The concept of universal licensure offers that possibility, but will states change their laws to make that a reality? Susan Colard of the NIC, the predominant testing organization in our industry, describes new efforts to standardize licensure and increase portability through a national database and national credential. Published Dec 14, 2020.

What You Need to Know to Sell Gift Cards

Selling gift cards or certificates during the holiday season? What happens to outstanding gift cards if your business closes? What you don’t know about the restrictions on expiration dates and the disclosure requirements may surprise you. In our discussion with attorney Amy Toepper of Legal In A Box, we discover the important legal considerations, and potential liabilities, for business owners. Published Dec 7, 2020.

Legislative Intent: Protecting the Industry

What’s the incentive to comply with regulations if no one’s held accountable? When government recognizes exploitation and unsafe working conditions in the beauty industry, the response should be legislation, education, and enforcement that directly addresses the problem. In our first interview with an elected official, Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz of New York explains how she gives voice to her constituents with a proposed bill that could transform our industry. Published Nov 30, 2020.

outgrowth podcast mental health 2020 grief

What We Are All Feeling: Processing 2020

In this year filled with personal and professional losses, how do we regain our sense of stability? Where do we find emotional support for ourselves and how can we best support others? Our special guest Joy Smith provides constructive ways to work through our individual, complicated responses to this shared experience. Published Nov 23, 2020.

new york times jessica defino beauty reporter

End of Times: Nail Fail

The recent New York Times article declaring the "end of the manicure" prompts our discussion about the assumptions and implications of consumer beauty writing. What’s the damage to salon professionals and why does the nail industry continue to be such an easy target? Published Nov 16, 2020.

advocacy government affairs bills deregulation

Government Affairs: Bills, Bills, Bills

When legislators introduce new bills, how will they impact our businesses? Why haven’t we done more to engage in the political process? Despite the size and diversity of our industry, we have not mobilized to promote and protect our interests. Will the ongoing threat of deregulation be the cause that finally brings us together? Published Nov 9, 2020.

salon planning for next shutdown covid business

Proactive Planning for the Next Shutdown

What planning should beauty pros do now to prepare for the next shutdown? How do we reduce our exposure and generate income from alternative sources in this likely scenario? Applying the lessons learned from our COVID experiences, we recommend a proactive approach to the challenges of working in a service-based industry in 2021 and beyond. Published Nov 2, 2020.

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Straight From The Source: California Department of Public Health

How do we manage our risk factors and avoid being shut down again? What impact will new COVID reporting requirements have on our industry? California’s more cautious approach to a second reopening seems to be working, and we want to understand why. Our guest Dr. Barbara Materna, PhD, the Chief of the Occupational Health Branch in the California Department of Public Health, explains the process and collaboration happening at the state level. Published Oct 26, 2020.

episodes outgrowth podcast salon beauty

Re-Flex Your Marketing Muscles

Finding that you need to reconnect with existing clients and reach new ones? Concerned about your salon’s survival into 2021? Want to rebuild your clientele? Rather than expect the holiday season to bring more business, apply these strategies to flex your marketing muscles again. Published Oct 19, 2020.

best beauty salon podcasts 2020

Beauty School Cop-Out: How Our Education Has Failed Us

Do pros really need a beauty school education to succeed in the industry? Does our current system offer learning opportunities, or create artificial barriers to entry? We reflect on our own beauty school experiences to explore how existing laws and licensure requirements may undermine our best arguments for fighting deregulation and advancing our interests.Published Oct 12, 2020.

best beauty salon podcasts 2020

The CDC: Straight From The Source

Who writes the federal guidelines for the beauty industry? Why does the CDC consider PPE the last line of defense for beauty pros? How can we improve ventilation in our salons? What steps should be taken if COVID-19 exposure happens? Our guest Dr. Cherie Estill from the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health answers our questions and we discuss the implications. Published Oct 5, 2020.

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