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What can beauty pros expect from this year’s Premiere Orlando? The largest show in the country has been planned for October, and we could not be more excited! Besides teaching our own individual classes as independent educators, we’ll be presenting Outgrowth classes together for the first time. We preview all of our classes and how we plan to spend our show weekend.

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JAIME: Welcome to Outgrowth: A Slice of Pro Beauty with your hosts Jaime Schrabeck.

ASHLEY: And Ashley Gregory Hackett. Premiere Orlando holds the title of the largest beauty show in the country and after multiple postponements, it has been scheduled for this October. 

JAIME: We’re more excited than usual to participate in this show and we’ll tell you why. Let’s grow together. 

JAIME: Is it really happening this time, Ashley?

ASHLEY: I think it might actually be happening, Jaime. 

JAIME: Once you see that show preview and our classes are listed, I am more 

convinced than ever that we may actually find ourselves in Orlando in October.

ASHLEY: I’ve booked my airfare. We’re ready to go. I can’t wait for this year’s show. I 

look forward to Premiere every year, but this year feels like we’re coming home.

JAIME: And we’re coming home at the ideal time of year to be in Orlando. 


JAIME: We are not there in the heat of the summer. We are there in what should be a very comfortable climate.

ASHLEY: I melt every year at Premiere and I hate being hot like that coming from the Midwest. But that just should tell you how much I love Premiere. I’m willing to put myself through Orlando heat at the beginning of June just to go, and see everybody, and be a part of the largest, most impactful beauty show we have.

JAIME: And we’re not just saying that. There are trade show organizations that rank all different kinds of trade shows in different industries and Premiere Orlando is absolutely the largest. It happens to be the largest for hair care and nail care and not so strong on skincare.

ASHLEY: And this doesn’t mean we don’t love every other show just as much. It’s just that there’s so much going for Premiere as far as getting to see all of our favorite companies, getting to see all of our favorite people, and getting to take some really great classes, getting to see each other, and every other show has a little bit of that, but this has everything. 

JAIME: That the planning is moving forward along a timeline that looks pretty familiar to us because we’ve gone as many times as we have, to me, it’s the strongest signal yet that our industry is recovering.

ASHLEY: I agree and whatever happens with the Delta variant and all the other things relating to COVID, I think the general attitude is we will overcome it and we will figure out a way to make Premiere happen. I know working with show leadership and management that they’re prepared for all eventualities as well as keeping everybody safe. And I know as soon as I saw that show preview in my email inbox, I’m like, all right, it’s happening. It’s happening. I did a little Premiere dance. 

JAIME: And we can do our part. I know that I will be wearing a mask regardless of where we are in this process. That’s my plan as of now and it would take quite a bit to keep me from going to this show. I would have to be in the hospital, I think, to keep me from going to Orlando.

ASHLEY: Oh my gosh. Touch something wood where you are because I want to make sure we’re not, we’re not hexing ourselves here, but yeah, I agree. I’ll be wearing a mask. I think it just will be a big transition being around that many people for the first time in a long time, but I’m still undeterred and I’m really excited to just see what everybody’s been up to, see what’s coming next, see what manufacturers and other educators have been up to, and what we can expect from the industry this fall and beyond. 

JAIME: Let’s talk about what we’ll be doing because this will be the debut of Outgrowth classes at a trade show.

ASHLEY: Yay. We are doing Outgrowth classes. We’re bringing Outgrowth to you in person. We’re figuring out ways to make this a really fun experience for those of you who are used to having us in your ears every week. I don’t know how you’ll get over seeing us in person, and what we look like, and do our voices match what you may have thought. I’m looking forward to having an in-person Outgrowth experience with listeners, with connections and the networking we’ll be able to do. So let’s talk about the classes that we’re doing as Outgrowth. 

JAIME: Let me just add, this is not because we waited to do it at this show. We would have liked to have done it sooner. It just so happens, and I think it’s fortuitous for us because Premiere does such a fabulous job of promoting classes and bringing so many individuals to an event that it just worked out this way. We actually had a difficult decision choosing which topics we wanted to talk about. Ashley, I remember we developed, I believe, five different topics.

ASHLEY: We did, and we went back and forth about what we thought would serve the industry at whatever moment we would be able to have these classes in person. And so I think that the two that we are teaching under the Outgrowth banner are really relevant and exciting, and they are both brand new classes. 

JAIME: Right, and we’ll be teaching them together as we do everything together around Outgrowth. Let’s go over the first one and it may not come as a surprise to those of you who have been with us since the beginning, which seems like a long time ago. It really wasn’t all that long ago, but the first class is titled Clean Hands, Safe Salons.

ASHLEY: And this is named after our most popular series by far as if you’re going by number of downloads. But Clean Hands, Safe Salons is a world premiere class that we will be premiering at Premiere, which just makes sense to me. But talking about the beauty industry just being forever changed and the words “safe salon” has this completely different meaning than it did pre-COVID. 

JAIME: Oh, does it ever, because before, safe salon might’ve meant that you made an extra investment in an autoclave sterilizer for your tools, or I’m not even sure what it would’ve meant for hair actually, as I think about it, because I think it was more wrapped around nails only because, and sadly to say, so many consumer injuries happen around nails relative to the other types of beauty services that are available.

ASHLEY: And if you are a non-nail salon owner or you work in a non-nail salon, if you’re going to use the terms “safe salon,” what will the client expectations be around that if you’re going to market yourself as a safe? 

JAIME: Oh, we have so many different subjects to cover under that too, because it goes from the services you offer to the products you use to all the things that we hadn’t given much thought to before around the operations. The whole reason we even have health and safety regulations in our industry is because of the potential for contagious diseases to pass from one person to another during a beauty service.

And that was always sort of a back burner thing like, oh, who really cares about, you know, is someone really going to get tuberculosis going to a salon? Well, now we have the pandemic so now that whole issue of communicable diseases is taking center stage.

ASHLEY: Oh, thinking about all of the external forces on salons that we’ve been dealing with for the past 18 months, whether it be local, or state regulation, or additional guidelines, or what the CDC is saying and how can we bring back and build back client trust we have all of these other things that we have to pay attention to. So it’s going to be a little bit of a review of where we were, we are, and where we can go operating under this new paradigm, really, of what makes a salon safe and how can you be a safe salon moving forward. 

JAIME: In our class description, we highlight that we’re going to talk about enforcing salon policies and the more the government retreats from mandates, it’s left to individual business owners to have policies within their own workplaces. That puts a lot of pressure on us to do what’s best for ourselves and our colleagues, and if we have employees, for our employees, and, of course, for our clients and sometimes our clients don’t necessarily agree that what’s best is wearing a mask, for example.

ASHLEY: Sure. So some best practices on enforcing policies, maintaining policies, and keeping yourself and your salon safe, as well as keeping client safety paramount too. So lots of discussion happening in that hour. That’s going to be on the Sunday of Premiere from 4 to 5 PM. So we’re going to get into it and then we’re gonna go to dinner. 

JAIME: Oh, I love how you brought up dinner so quickly because normally our strategy, and this is just word to the wise, the strategy is get off the show floor, and get out of the building, and to the restaurant before the show lets out.

ASHLEY: You can’t be sharing our secrets like this. 

JAIME: I, well, first, I said the restaurant. I didn’t say which restaurant it is. 

ASHLEY: True, true.

JAIME: Try tracking us down. Good luck with that. We can move pretty quickly through a building and we’re going to be testing that ability because we do have a lot to do. That’s just one of the classes we’re teaching.

ASHLEY: Definitely. If you see us in a full-on sprint to a cocktail, you know what is happening. Next, we have a really exciting brand new class that I can’t wait to get into, but it’s Business Basics: Launch Your Brand. 

JAIME: This pulls together some of the information that we’ve already covered in some of our podcast episodes around this whole concept of, okay. so you want to start a business in the beauty industry. What is it that you need to do? And to reassure everyone that this is not just about filling out a form, or obtaining a permit,  or picking a business entity because that sounds pretty dry and boring. When we’re talking about launching a brand, this is more than that. It’s so much more than that, right? Because we don’t just exist on paper.

ASHLEY: Exactly, and watching and sharing some of our own personal experiences with regard to launching brands, and some of the potential pitfalls that exist, and the mistakes that we’ve made or seen made that can save you some time and money. We want to talk about how you can create a strong foundation for your new venture and what exactly branding and brand building looks like when it’s something that is really hard to pin down when you’re trying to talk about it, explain it, visualize it, and get other people on board with your vision.

JAIME: Will our presentation include examples of what not to do?

ASHLEY: It absolutely will.

JAIME: Oh my goodness.

ASHLEY: It will, it will absolutely include examples of what not to do, but it will also include examples of what to do, and some great examples of what an impactful, powerful brand looks like. It’s one of those things, like, you’re not sure what a brand is, but you know it, when you see it, right? 

JAIME: Or you know what to avoid when you see it.

ASHLEY: Exactly. So we’re going to go through the step-by-step framework for a successful launch and we’re going to get a lot accomplished in that hour. This is a Monday class at Premiere from 10 to 11 AM so bring your coffee. 

JAIME: Beyond our classes together with Outgrowth, we each teach our own content. Ashley, why don’t you review which classes you’re teaching?

ASHLEY: Oh, I would love to. All right, well, I have rebranded Ashley the Coach, and I’m going to be launching that before Premiere, but if you have taken any of my classes in the past, this is going to be a whole new experience. I’m teaching a class about email and while it has the same title as this class in the past, it’s going to be all new. It’s called Email Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Sleeping and it’s all about old technology, right? Email is something that has been around since the 80s, but It’s something that is a really powerful tool. And if you can harness and use it correctly, it’s going to create kind of the biggest ROI of any potential digital marketing out there.

So we’re going to talk also in this class about what to do and what not to do with some good examples that I’ve been collecting through the pandemic. And it’s a Sunday class from 2:30-3:30 and I really hope to see you there. 

JAIME: Commenting on email, we know it must be valuable because everywhere you go, whether it’s in-person or online asks for your email address.

ASHLEY: Yes. I mean, getting that email address is just so stinking important and we’re going to talk about why in that class. Next, I have a world premiere class that I’m really excited. I love teaching about Instagram. If you’ve taken Forget the Following or any of my other social media classes, you know we have a good time.

So this one is called The New Instagram: Beyond the Post and this is helping you navigate away from static feed posts and photos into the new media of Instagram, which is video content creation, Reels, all of the little bits and bobs inside of Instagram that I will help you unlock to get your name and business out there way more than ever before. 

JAIME: If you had the pleasure of attending Ashley’s class, you also know that you need to get there early, that this class and your email class are available in a section of the building that you may not otherwise be spending time in. You need to mark your calendar, put that notification on your phone so you can be where you need to be early to get a seat.

ASHLEY: Well, thanks for that. I very rarely have the experience of having to turn people away for fire code reasons and Premiere is really one of the only shows where it happens, but it does happen. You have to get there early, otherwise the doors might close on you and that makes me so sad. So this is a Monday class from 11:30 to 12:30. It is called The New Instagram: Beyond the Post. Now, Jaime, I know that you have some of the best, most well attended, amazing nail and business classes out there. What are you bringing to Premiere 2021?

JAIME: Well, thank you for that introduction. I think it depends on who you ask and what show we’re at because as someone who’s been educating for quite some time, the classrooms aren’t always full and you don’t always get the response that you want, but I will say that the first class I want to review is the class that generates the most interest and I’ve been teaching the longest. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t change. It just means that it’s finally, finally getting the attention that it likely deserved 15 years ago, but that’s my Waterless Spa Pedicures class. And we’re hearing that phrase more and more often, whether you use the word waterless, or soakless, or dry, or some variation on not having the client have their feet in some sort of container that holds water.


JAIME: Yeah. So this is a procedure that I developed and introduced in 2005, and I’ve been promoting it ever since. I do have some unique ways of doing things that are different from what other people do and from what other brands interestingly enough have caught on now to, and are actually packaging products and kits as a waterless pedicure service, which I find very interesting because I never was about that. I’m always about you develop your procedures and then you match the best tools and products to each step of that procedure, regardless of which brand they come from.

ASHLEY: I love this class. This is a class that is product agnostic. It’s not about the products, it’s about the procedure and the technique. And then you can sub in whatever products you like, but I call this class the convincer. If you think that a pedicure must mean putting your feet in a tub, this is going to change your mind and as somebody who has received many waterless pedicures from you, Jaime, this is the gold standard of pedicure services. So if you have feet, you should be in this class. 

JAIME: I do want to say something for anyone who may have taken it in the past or felt like, well, you know, I’ve seen someone else’s class on the same subject. I will say this, that when I first started teaching this class, it was all about convincing people that they’d even want to do it, much less, okay. Let’s get into the actual procedures itself. How different that is. Like you don’t attend a haircutting class to be convinced that people want haircuts. You attend because you’re there to learn a new technique, right? I’d be like, why should I have to waste my time explaining why someone would want a waterless pedicure? I actually think the more appropriate question is why do you want the water? 

ASHLEY: Yeah. 

JAIME: It’s a resource, just like any other resource. We should not be wasting. And in addition, once we use it, we end up having to do all sorts of cleaning steps that we wouldn’t have to do If we leave it out.

ASHLEY: Exactly. So hopefully, you only have to spend five minutes convincing people and then the rest of the time you can share your wonderful tips, and tricks, and techniques because it is a game changer. 

JAIME: Well, thank you for that. The next class that I have on my schedule is on Sunday, also from 2:30 to 3:30. It’s my Excel as an Expert Educator class and this is actually positioned, I believe, in the track that’s intended for instructors. But don’t let that keep you from coming because anyone in our industry has the opportunity to become their own educator. You don’t need the validation of working for a brand or being hired by a school to teach what you have to share with the world.

ASHLEY: Exactly. Oh, it’s so important. I don’t think that gets enough attention because ooh, I could talk for hours about this and we have, and I’ll just keep it short to say, don’t wait for a tap on the shoulder. Jaime and I are both independent educators. We didn’t wait for somebody to say, okay, go ahead. We went, you know what? I can teach this. I know this. I’m going to do it. Here I am. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a lot of work, but if you want someone to walk you through the process, you want Jaime to be the one to do it. So definitely mark this on your calendar, Excel as an Expert Educator on Sunday from 2:30 to 3:30. Now, it’s directly against my email class. I’m going to say, boo.

JAIME: Boo on that scheduling.

ASHLEY: But if email’s not your thing and you want to become an educator, do not miss this. No, don’t miss it either way. Don’t miss it. 

JAIME: The third class I’ll be teaching under the Precision Nails banner is Master Your Technique, which is also another class that has been presented previously, but I don’t repeat the same class at every show and this has been updated to reflect our new reality. I’m pleased to say that much of what I suggested previously still applies. I just think a lot more people will be interested in it this time around.

ASHLEY: I’ve taken away so many huge nuggets of wisdom from your Master Your Technique class, down to my posture and how I hold my body when I do services. And so many things that even, you know, you might say as an aside or just offhandedly that I’m like, what? And has completely changed how I view the work that I do and how I do it. And it helped me break it down to its absolute basics as far as what I need and what I don’t, and I really appreciate that because first of all, it’s different every time, because you respond to what’s in the room, and the questions you’re getting, and the vibe, and all of that, but I feel like it’s an hour of your mentorship in the best way to do things and people can take it on board or not. But I think master is the right word. So forget about my Instagram class. If you do nails, go to Master Your Technique. 

JAIME: Well, another thing I want to point out is that it’s also brand neutral. It’s not about brands at all. And I think we get so focused on the results of what we do and, you know, how do we get there? How do we, how do we go from point A to point B to get those results? And it’s in the process where we could do potentially the most damage to ourselves whether it’s how we’re exposing ourselves to the products, or how, like you mentioned, sitting at a desk, the time that we’re either spending or wasting depending on how it’s allocated, all of those things. It’s not about the finished product. It’s about the process.

ASHLEY: And they all add up to either make or break you. So quite literally, break you. So that is a Monday class from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Mark all of these down. You can go to to see our Outgrowth classes. I will add our individual classes to them there and you can add them to your calendar with a single click of the button on that site. So make sure you head over there and get that info. We’ll copy that into the show notes as well. But in between those classes, Jaime, what are we going to be doing? 

JAIME: Hydrating, for sure. 

ASHLEY: Hydrating.

JAIME: I will spend some time on the show floor. 

ASHLEY: Same. 

JAIME: I don’t know how much yet. Traditionally at a show, I like to walk the entire show floor even through the sections that don’t directly apply to my salon business just to get a sense of what’s there, who’s there, what’s being shown, how it’s being shown. But otherwise, I try to focus, as we’ve talked about before. We’re there to do a job. We’re there to educate. So being on time to our classes and prepared will be our first priority. So as you’ve mentioned previously, if you see us dashing, whether it’s towards you or away from you, don’t take it personally.

ASHLEY: Oh, my gosh. Well, we are packing as much into this weekend as possible. We are taking full advantage. We are taking new headshots, new promotional photos. We are going to make sure that we see as many beautiful restaurants in Orlando as possible. We are staying at a different hotel this year. It’s going to be a whole new experience, but I want to make sure that we connect with as many of our listeners as possible. I want to make sure that we connect with as many of our potential sponsors if you’re listening. We want to ensure that we get the most juice out of Premiere because we’ve missed it so much and we encourage you to do the same. We have an episode on five things to do at a show besides shop, right? 

JAIME: We do.

ASHLEY: So listen to that, get yourself pumped, and connect with us on Instagram. Let us know what you’re looking forward to from the show preview, where you’re going to be, which one of our classes you’re not going to miss, and make sure you’re following us there. All of the conversations happening on Instagram at @outgrowthpodcast.

JAIME: If you’re enjoying Outgrowth, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts with one click. Just visit

ASHLEY: Well, October cannot get here soon enough. 


ASHLEY: I’m willing to forgo the rest of the summer if it means I can go to Premiere. So. 

JAIME: Oh well. Well, just in terms of the amount of work that we need to do to prepare, it’s one thing to have your class listed. It doesn’t mean the class is in its final form, so there will be some work, but that just means that we’ll be presenting the most up-to-date information when we are there.

ASHLEY: 100%. All right, everybody. Well, until then, and when we can see you in person, be smart. 

JAIME: Be safe. 



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